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QR-Code in stone  -  for eternity ...
... remembrance - until the 'server' goes down!

Since the end of the last millennium, we have seen different experiments, to link the traditional gravestones with Internet-based contents.
It started in Sweden, in the year 1999 - the last year of the last millenium.
For the first time there was a internet address directly chiseled into a gravestone. However - without mobile Internet, it was necessary to write down the address - and looking at a later date for more information on the PC.

This was the first attempt to create a 'digital gravestone'.

Since then we have seen several other attempts to combine the traditional gravestone, with further informations and with the world wide web - for example: led monitors, nfc technology - and since 2008, for the first time in Japan: ... the launch of a new high-tech service for the recently deceased ...

qr codes ON tombstones !

Today, nearly 7 years after this 'invention' to this development - the use of mobile technology - widespread. Many today have a smartphone, and access to Internet content is based largely in place. so most people today have the opportunity, through a well-known technique - the usage of qr codes, to expand the gravestone with Internet-based contents.

Unfortunately, this technique has been implemented to date inadequately, as most are metal plaques with engraved qr-code pasted carelessly on grave stones. This then functions like as a price tag on a product (as the original use of barcodes) and is not appropriate for a cemetery..

And so - for the first time in 2011 - we have carved as a stonemason, this 'square transmitters' directly into the natural stone ... for ever ! ... maybe ?

qr code in stone - Graveyards 2.0: Remembering the dead with interactive gravestones

QR-code in stone - for eternity

A growing number of stonemasons around the world are making interactive headstones featuring QR codes that allow the bereaved to call up memories of their lost loved ones with a Smartphone. In Cologne / Germany we have met Andreas Rosenkranz - the first stonemason who carved QR codes directly into the stone. Shift - Living in the Digital Age 11-2012

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