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QR-code in stone - for eternity ...
qr-code-pebbles... until the 'server' goes down !

The QR-code, these 'digital transmitters' of mobile communication, are square barcodes and appearing often in adverts, on posters, in news magazines and so on. The barcodes can be scanned in using an app on a mobile phone and this will trigger an action on your phone. It could be taking you to a web page, a video, generate a text, add details into your contact folder of the phone, etc. ... there are lots of different uses... !

And now, - we have carved this 'square transmitters' directly into stone ... for ever ! ... maybe ?

qr code in stone
QR-code in stone - for eternity

qr-code engraved in stone

qr code in marble
QR-Ccode in stone - for eternity

qr-code engraved in stone

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